Wood cold Pressed Yellow Mustard Oil -1 Liter

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  • Our Farm Fresh Yellow mustard seeds are directly from the farmers of Ajmer in Rajasthan we then let the seeds sundry for some days to ensure better taste and aroma before pressing them to obtain TotalGanic mustard oil.
  • Our Wood Cold Pressed Mustard Oil is 100% pure and free from preservatives, chemicals, and additives. we press the mustard seeds in wooden kolhu at a low temperature. we use cold press technology to ensure that the nutrients remain intact.
  • Our Wood Cold Pressed Mustard Oil retains all naturally occurring nutrients. it's rich in monounsaturated fatty acids making it heart friendly and fit for healthy. Its optimum ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids provides nutrition and boosts immunity.
  • Our Wood Cold Pressed Mustard Oil is a all-in-one solution for all your oil needs, for Cooking Due to its high smoke point, it is ideal for sauteing, deep-frying, etc.
  • TotalGanic Mustard Oil is a great option for skincare, haircare, and for your or your baby’s massage. and It is a great choice for Ayurvedic practices like oil pulling, etc.
  • Extracted through no heat process to preserve natural goodness
  • Country of Origin: India
Vendor: Totalganic
Type: Yellow Mustard oil
Weight: 0.9 kg